Ferrari Stampi has a great added value, which is providing ad hoc services to the customers, in order to meet with their requests.
For this reason, in addition to the design and production of more and more innovative solutions, Ferrari Stampi commits to, through the same care and precision, to corroborate again to second hand moulds, punches and mechanic parts to make them perform again with the same quality as before.
It is not only about selling pieces, specifically studied for the customers according to their needs, but also about regenerating these very pieces, either Ceramic Moulds or Ceramic Punches.
This is a service that belongs to the commitment and the long-term experience of Ferrari Stampi, to always be at the customers’ service.
This is what we offer:
• Design / Regeneration / Sale of Ceramic Moulds
• Design / Regeneration / Sale of Ceramic Punches