Nowadays it is perfectly clear that pollutant emissions are affecting our planet worldwide and don’t seem to be slowing down. Our natural resources are being consumed to rhythms which are higher than ever and less and less sustainable.
It is, therefore, essential to acknowledge our impact on the environment and also our responsability towards some fundamental changes, in order to build a greener future.
For this exact reason, Officina Carlo Ferrari SpA decided to embrace this change-oriented philosophy fully in terms of production, energy saving and respect for the environment.
There are now absolutely necessary elements not only to maintain our competitiveness in more and more selective markets but also to create a more ecological future focusing on the environment welfare.
In order to achieve that it is indispensable to move beyond production, seeking for synthesis and balance between the volumes of a process industry and the flexibility of the market, a dialogue between man and machine, remote assistance, traceability and efficiency in terms of logistics.
These are the cardinal points from which one should try to determine the differential value combined with quality and production volumes, aiming to guide the ceramic process towards improvement.
Thanks to important investments in research and development, Officina Carlo Ferrari SpA is now fully aware of and experienced in the dynamics of the 4.0 industry.
This is the starting point from which the FS.GESS has come to life, a brand that translates the know-how and the technological development into front-runner products, fully actualizing the company’s philosophy.