Officina Ferrari Carlo S.p.A. has changed look and dressed up in stars and stripes. A year after the beginning of this new adventure in the United States, the outlook is extremely positive and is reflected in the words of our president in the interview “Tennessee Special”.

Born at the end of a tour by our US customers, and on their wise recommendation, the idea of opening a service of moulds and punches in the United States has proved eminently successful. Despite differences in language and ways of working, Officina Ferrari Carlo S.p.A. has managed to make a distinctive mark in the US market, demonstrating reliability and quality and receiving the support of both customers and institutions. An economy in clear recovery and a leaner bureaucracy make the country an ideal place for the growth of ideas and industry, with favourable conditions for the establishment of our foreign branch, which has allowed, among other things, the launch of a new mould service.

Only when you believe in investment and in people can you look to the future with hope, and this is what the United States has meant to us. Our “American Dream” is coming true and we couldn’t have made a better start.